Inspirerende Art Vakanties 
Inspiring Art Holidays - Vacances D'Art  

Resi and Ambert

About us

Resi and Ambert left The Netherlands for France in April 2004. Since that
time they have been fully engaged in the restoration of "Residence Ambert"; the realization of the guesthouse, the construction of the garden and the installation of the swimming pool. Now the time has come to open Residence Ambert for the "Creative Art" enthusiast.

Resi followed the Activity Guidance course at "Princenoord" in  Breda. At the time, this training was very broadly oriented towards artistic development. For Resi this grew into a wide interest in painting, sculpting, modeling, restoring and upholstering furniture, making dolls, making jewelry, flower arranging, styling, almost too much to mention.

After that she was taught for over 15 years by various artists in the field of painting, modeling and sculpture at the Pieter Breughel Institute in Veghel.

Resi started her own handicraft shop in Veghel (North Brabant), where she gave courses and organized exhibitions. Due to her versatility and interest in many disciplines and giving courses in this for years, she has developed a wide experience.
 The inexhaustible source of inspiration grows partly due to the material with which Resi works and the things that she perceives in her environment, so that works of art slowly emerge under her hands.

Versatile, intriguing, incomprehensible for some people to be so skilled to be able to use so many techniques and to specialize. For Resi, this versatility is part of her inner life which is the basis she brings into her creativity and her artwork.

Life in the French countryside gives Resi, unlike in the Netherlands, the peace and space to be creative.

Resi has her own gallery, where her artworks are on permanent display. Also you can take a look at the gallery on this site.

Resi specializes in the following disciplines for which you can book your Open Workshop Holiday week:
Painting Figurative or Abstract

Jewelry of Gemstones and fine Silverwire

Open Workshop Holiday

Saturday 30 april tot Saturday 7 mei 
Saturday 9 juli tot Saturday 16 juli 2022
Saturday 13 augustus tot Saturday 20 augustus 2022

Arrival Saturday at 4 pm
Departure at 10.00 am

Opt for a wonderfully relaxed creative holiday and go to the relevant pages for more information.