Painting during the "Open Workshop Holiday Week"

Saturday 30 april tot Saturday 7 mei 
Saturday 9 juli tot Saturday 16 juli 2022
Saturday 13 augustus tot Saturday 20 augustus 2022

Arrival Saturday at 4 pm
Departure at 10.00 am

Never painted before?
This painting holiday in "Residence Ambert" is a great first step on the way to the world of color sense and development of expression. In a small group of 6 people you will become acquainted with various painting materials and techniques and you can quickly achieve results.

If you are already an experienced painter, you will have the opportunity to experiment with different tools, techniques and materials.  As a beginner or advanced artist, you will be individually guided and stimulated to find your personal signature.
The aim of this course or workshop is to teach you how to realize your potential through working  with light color shape and space without compromising your own forms of expression.

You learn to look “better”, so that you experience the environment more intensely and can therefore properly convey your impressions and images on the canvas, which gives a great feeling.
An uncomplicated way and to let you discover, through individual guidance, what can be seen more, differently and in different ways. You can work figuratively or in abstract. The choice is yours.

Enjoy a relaxed painting course and a wonderful fully catered holiday.
You will stay either in the guesthouse  of “Residence Ambert” Or in the large guest room of the beautifully converted centuries-old house. 
During the 6 mornings of this painting course we will paint outside in good weather in the beautifully landscaped garden. There are several (covered) terraces and paths both in the shade and in the sun.
We have a beautiful view from our garden, of the centuries-old fortified church, but also of the village green and the centre  of St. Grat.
We will also go out for a morning to paint on location.
If you wish to work completely abstract, that is of course also possible.
Resi  offers you many surprising techniques, perhaps new to you, for abstract painting.
Everyone can do what he or she would like trough consultation and discussion.
There is also an easel available for everyone.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks in between are provided so that you can relax and do not have to think about anything. All dishes are homemade. During meals not only enjoy the food, but also a nice glass of wine.

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  • Blauw meer lijst1
  • Blauw webtoile d'araignée, Spiderweb
  • Detail rivier zicht,vue de la rivière, river vieuw
  • Kippen, poulets, chickens, detail
  • Zee, La Mer, The Sea1
  • Kippen, poulets,chickens,detail2
  • Rivierzicht
  • Klaproos 1
  • Lampion
  • Lavendel, Lavande, Lavender
  • Licht Lumière, light1
  • Licht, Lumière, Light (2)
  • Licht, Lumière, Light
  • Pad langs water, Chemin sur l'eauPath along water
  • Schilderij Caselle